Empowering Lives, Enabling Dreams, Unity at its Finest

Elevate your journey to new heights with Unity Disability Support Program.

Unity is not just a part of our name; it’s at the heart of everything we do. We are your NDIS Service Provider but beyond that; we’re the guiding force that will bring unity, strength, and independence to your NDIS experience.

At the Unity Disability Support Program, we are not just a company but a community that believes in you, your aspirations and dreams. Our team of skilled and professional support workers, united by a common purpose, if here to empower you in your journey. With us, you are not merely another client, you’re a valued member of the Unity family.
Can you picture a world where your NDIS Support Plan is not just a Document but a roadmap to your aspired future? Yes that is our aim. At Unity Disability Support Program is committed to creating unity between your goals and the support you need. We are here to redefine NDIS support provision by infusing it with the spirit of unity and collaboration.
So we welcome to Unity Disability Support Program – where your dreams become our shared mission!

Our Distinctive Differences, Why We are your Optimal Choice?

At Unity Disability Support Program, our name serves as a constant reminder of the values that guide our mission. Certainly, we can say we are uniquely united by a set of principles and approaches that define

Who we are

How we support you

Here is how we will guide your path to excellence:

Uniquely United by Our Core Values


This is the founding pillar and the bedrock of our identity. Unity symbolizes our unwavering dedication to forging a harmonious and all-encompassing community. We firmly believe that the greatest strength emerges from the bonds of unity, and we wholeheartedly endeavor to unite individuals in mutual support and collaboration


At Unity, our driving force is empowerment. Here, we will be empowering you to seize control of your NDIS journey, to set your own goals, and to reach for your dreams with confidence.


Compassion serves as the life force behind our services. In every interaction, we envelop you in empathy, deep understanding, and a genuine kindness that assures you of your worth and ensures that your voice is heard throughout your journey.


Inclusivity is our promise. We serve people from all backgrounds and abilities, striving for equal access to opportunities and support for everyone.


Expertise is our commitment to you. Our team’s deep knowledge of the NDIS landscape ensures you receive informed guidance that leads to meaningful outcomes


Transparency is our guarantee. We provide clear insights into the management of your NDIS plan, giving you the peace of mind that your funds are used efficiently.


Dignity is our pledge. We uphold your dignity by offering services that promote independence, ensuring you have control over your life.


Innovation is our promise for continuous improvement. We seek novel solutions to enhance your NDIS experience, making it uniquely tailored to your needs.

Our Unified Approach to Support

Unity Centric

Believing in unity, bringing individuals together for mutual support and creating a connected community that fosters strength.

Individualized Focus

Tailoring your Support Services to your unique needs. We ensure your NDIS journey is as individual as you are.

Collaborative Partnership

Forging partnerships by working alongside you, your support and your support network to provide a complete support system.

Proactive Planning

Adapting to your changing needs, ensuring your NDIS plan remains flexible and effective.

Education and Empowerment

Empowering you with knowledge and information, to enable you to make informed decisions and take control of your NDIS journey.

Innovative Solutions

Staying at the forefront of developments and changes taking place in NDIS paradigm to provide with the latest and most effective solutions.


Upholding ethical standards and maintain complete transparency in service delivery.

Holistic Wellbeing

Addressing not just NDIS needs but your overall quality of life.

Community Unity

Actively engaging with the disability support community, ensuring we stay informed and contribute to building a more inclusive society

Unified Journey towards NDIS Support with Comprehensive Planning Process

Comprehensive Assessment

Our journey begins with an in-depth assessment of your needs, strengths, and aspirations.

Unified Goals

We believe in working together. So together, we define your goals, aligning them with the unity of your personal journey.

Tailored Blueprint

We craft a customized support plan, creating a blueprint that outlines services uniquely designed for you.

Adaptive Approach

We ensure to make adjustments to your plan as circumstances change, to ensure it remains a reliable guide to your goals.

Empowered and Informed Decisions

We educate to provide necessary knowledge to ensure you navigate your NDIS journey with confidence.

Unified Synergy

Unity isn’t just our name; it’s our approach. We unite efforts with your support network and providers.

Transparent Journey

Transparency is at our core. We provide clarity on the allocation of your NDIS funding, building trust.

Supporting by Unity

Throughout your NDIS journey, Unity Disability Support Program stands by your side to ensure you reach your goals.

Your Journey Begins with Unity

Choosing Unity Disability Support Program isn’t just selecting a service provider; it’s embarking on a journey tailored to your unique aspirations. We’re not just here to meet your NDIS needs; we’re here to exceed your expectations.

Our dedication is not just a promise; it’s a way of life. We’re passionate about being your partner on this transformative journey, and we’re here to make a difference in your life. With Unity as your guide, we promise a path to excellence, support, and a brighter, more empowered future.

Ready to Begin this Unified Journey?

If you’re ready to take the first step towards a more independent and fulfilling NDIS journey, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. At Unity Disability Support Program, we’re not just your support provider; we’re your partner in unity, support, and empowerment. Contact us today to start your personalized NDIS journey.

Unity Disability Support Services

Elevating Lives with Exceptional NDIS Support

At Unity Disability Support Services, we are dedicated to delivering a comprehensive range of NDIS services that encompass a variety of key areas to enhance the lives of individuals with unique abilities. Our commitment to quality extends to every facet of our services, ensuring that we provide top-notch support designed to make a significant and effective impact.

Our NDIS Support Services cover a broad spectrum, including Assistive Products for Household Tasks. We understand the importance of making daily living tasks easier and more manageable for individuals with disabilities. Our assistive products are carefully chosen to meet the highest quality standards and effectiveness, making daily life more comfortable and independent.

Effective communication is fundamental to a high quality of life. Our services include the provision of top-notch Communication and Information to facilitate clear and meaningful interactions. We understand that communication equipment needs to be both effective and reliable, and we ensure that it meets these criteria.

We recognize that having a safe and comfortable place to live is essential. Our Specialized Disability Accommodation services are designed to meet the highest quality standards. We provide suitable accommodations that offer not only safety but also a sense of independence and comfort.

Recreation and leisure activities are vital for a fulfilling life. Our services include the provision of Assistive Equipment for Recreation that is not only effective but also of the highest quality. We aim to make recreation more accessible and enjoyable for individuals with unique abilities.

In addition to these core services, Unity Disability Support Services offers a wide variety of other support services to cater to individual needs, ensuring a holistic and comprehensive approach to enhancing the quality of life. Our team of professionals is deeply committed to upholding the quality and effectiveness of these services, making your experience with us truly exceptional.

In addition to these core services, Unity Disability Support Services offers a wide variety of other support services to cater to individual needs, ensuring a holistic and comprehensive approach to enhancing the quality of life. Our team of professionals is deeply committed to upholding the quality and effectiveness of these services, making your experience with us truly exceptional.

Our commitment extends to regular review and feedback procedures, ensuring that we continuously improve and enhance our services based on your needs and suggestions. We believe in collaboration and actively work with clients, families, and carers to ensure that our services are not only of the highest quality but also deeply responsive to your unique needs. Your input matters, and we value it greatly.

To maintain the high standards we set for ourselves, we invest in staff training and development programs. Our team is equipped with the latest knowledge and skills, ensuring that you receive nothing but the best.

In essence, Unity Disability Support Services is your partner in achieving an extraordinary quality of life. Our services are built on a foundation of quality, effectiveness, and a deep commitment to empowering individuals with unique abilities. We invite you to experience the difference our services can make in your life.